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Jan 31, 2010 8:00am EST
and people blaming obama, and this is his call to action. he says people of america, i need you. you are the people that have to fix america. he calls out certain students, and gives them certain assignments to do things to effect the change you are seeking. and dustin said we need to be the first to quit focussing on deciding whose fault it is. we need to do something. his ideas, cut spending and lower taxes. >> those are easy. >> yeah, there were a lot of them. so many students giving so many suggestions. a kid named calvin said, look, listen to the ideas, listen to the ideas you are hearing. in general, he is saying when i read all of the comments on cnn student news blog, he said kids know more about the economy than everybody thinks we do. he was thinking, if only we ran the nation. >> can you imagine? >> yeah, could you imagine? >> in some cases, it's an excellent idea, and then in other instances, i say it's good to leave it to the politicians. >> let's check the math grades, first. >> yeah. >>> quite an accomplishment for another student. >> yes, she is now the new miss ameri
Jan 10, 2010 8:00am EST
agency that falls under dhs. and this is the way the homeland security system is working in america. see all the different agencies, right? it's not that this reports to this and then up to secretary. instead, every single agency that you see here reports inlandly, all of them, directly to the office of the secretary of homeland security. now, i want you to see how many different people and jurisdictions we are talking about. more than 87,000 federal state and local jurisdictions make up homeland security here in america. 230,000 employees fall under dhs. and that means all the different agencies, more than two dozen that these officials represent. and you have the tsa, customs and border protection, and citizen and immigration services, and immigration and customs enforcement, fema, and the secret service, and the coast guard. all of that today is what we are talking about when we see the huge web of agencies. not only is there information sharing among them but they are all reporting to the secretary of homeland security. it's up to that level to figure out how the different agencies a
Jan 17, 2010 8:00am EST
. >>> we are not the only ones talking about the situation in haiti. across schools in america, they are speaking of it as well. we have carla here with cnn student news. many of them are personally affect the by this as well. >> they have been. what we have to do first and foremost is get them engaged. they know about it in geography. but we want to give them additional facts to put it in perspective. we start out saying this is a place smaller than the state of maryland. 9 million people. they know it's the poorest nation in the western h hemisphere. and 80% below the poverty line. and under 25 years is 60% of the population. and this hits home for audiences 11 and 18. >> when they watch this and hear the stories and see the need, what are they saying? >> got comments for you today. they are talking at facebook. comments i have for you today. one is after i saw the devastating affects of the earthquake, i thought how fortunate i am to have food and a loving place to sleep at night. another wrote even though the word today is going through tough times, we can come together and
Jan 24, 2010 8:00am EST
bin laden face-to-face, peter, and he joins us now. he says america will never enjoy security until we are in palestine. >> he said that many times in the past. he has talked about the palestinian issue for many years, and he said it was a front against the crusaders, quote, unquote, and the jews. he is veryanti-smetic. al qaeda doesn't take ownership of its failures generally speaking, but there must have felt there was propaganda advantage in taking responsibility for this, even though it was not a success. it did demonstrate an ability to get close to the american homeland, and it was a close thing that plane did not blow up. >> as i spoke earlier, back in december we heard from the al qaeda group for the failed bombing attempt, and now we are hearing on the tape believed to be from bin laden, he is taking responsibility for it, at least al qaeda is. it makes you wonder, who is in control? who is in charge? where is the control when it comes to al qaeda? >> bin laden, the american military, something called commanders, and for instance, when petraeus gives an order, many are aware o
Jan 3, 2010 8:00am EST
and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: those words the strongest yet from president obama linking al qaeda and yemen to the failed attack. the president is also calling a high level meeting on tuesday with senior i were tell against and national security officials there. >>> there are a lot of moving parts to this picture. tuesday's meeting, general petraeus in yemen, the strong language from president obama. long standing history of al qaeda's activity in yemen dating back to the attack on the uss cole in 2000. so let's try to understand what's happening. peter bergen joins me now. tuesday's meeting, what will be on that agenda? >> obviously the question of what went wrong with the detroit bomber getting on the plane with the explosives. but in terms of yemen, i think it's significant that david petraeus was sent. there are a lot of other people you could send, the counter terrorism adviser has been to yemen, could you send the secretary of state, but you're sending a four star why not whose area of responsibility includes yemen. i think that's a strong si
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5